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I’ve been reading true stories of the haunted.There are many reports from people who hear footsteps, see shadows, or watch lights turn on or off. Some tales are chilling, others describe ghosts repeating same acts over and over again. Climbing stairs, walking the hall, crying, laughing, banging or tossing furniture. My last blog was about a ghost that scared the yelp, yelp out of me. He looks like glass. He’s the reason I ‘ve been reading other peoples stories. I plan to research past tenants of this the house I live in, built in or around 1961. First, I read up on what ghost are and compared theories to my particular visitor.
First up is residual energy, the electrical impulses that linger after some exciting or stressful event, or strong person. Long after the person is dead. Something happened to the glass man, when he was alive? But why me? I don’t know this person. I’m not sure he’s not an alien. I’m not convinced he experienced some traumatic event in life and now returns to stalk me. Maybe it’s the house he’s stalking.
Time Slips, an event happened in the past that can be briefly seen in our time. That would explain the quick exit. It also makes my stalker, well, a stalker. Did he make it a habit of standing over women’s beds, at night, staring at them with that all-knowing expression. That’s really creepy, and I’m in trouble, if that’s the case. Though, I don’t think that’s quite the reason he’s appeared in my room twice. I felt as if the glass man knew something, but I didn’t feel he was trying to tell me something. If that makes any sense. I’ll move on.
Telepathic images, a sensitive person picks up on vibrations and witnesses an event that happened years ago. Somehow this glass man is projecting his thoughts to me, the receptive person, the psychic, aka medium, aka sensitive. Seriously? I’m not psychic. I cannot summon the dead. However, I do write paranormal fiction, which brings me to something I read about Arthur C Clarke’s speculation.
He speculated that our minds play images to our eyes. The same way our eyes relay messages to our brains, but in reverse. I found this bit of information from a forum dated fifteen years ago. So my imagination comes to life. Hell, that’s scarier than the thought of ghosts appearing in my room. I do think it’s an interesting thought, and I do have a character in the first book that is a ghost of glass, written in the chapter only after I saw him the first time. I guess you’ve learned I’m skeptical by now.
The ghosts above who repeat the same actions over and over again are said to pay no attention to the observer. Uh, not when they’re looking dead at you. We were all in the living room one night and all heard a loud bang from the back rooms. Of course I went to investigate and found a large textbook on the floor. It was on the bookshelf on the other side of the room before it fell to the floor. I cannot explain how the book fell from the shelf and then slid all the way to the opposite wall. So, I get the furniture, tossing thing people experience.
Some say a ghost may appear to warn the observer, or to give advice, or comfort. Ok, if you are dead and you appear at the foot of my bed twice, it is not comforting. Advice? Eh, I don’t know. Warn? So warn me and leave, for good. I read a ghost can inflict wounds too, and their behavior while alive dictates who they are as ghosts. We are back to the creepy. My ghost stalker, lingered at the foot of women’s beds when he was alive? I hope he didn’t inflict wounds.
Then there’s the lights. A few weeks back I walked out of my bedroom and headed for the kitchen. A light was on in an empty bedroom. I turned it off. I was still up writing an hour later. I went to the kitchen. Again the light was on. How does anyone explain this? If I go with Clarke’s speculation above, my imagination is powerful.
Maybe I can repel the ghost with salt, iron, or Hoodoo. Except, I’d be exploring what I try to avoid and place out of my mind. I haven’t found the answers, just possibilities. I’ll research the house and past tenants, see what I can come up with, but right now I hear something like a plate spinning in the other room.

3 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. Interesting post, Ann. I hope everything turns out okay with your ghost. My house is pretty old, 1890s, and when the house is really quiet, stuff happens. I have heard old time music playing and I checked to make sure it wasn’t coming from outside. I have heard voices and doors close when I was alone. One time I caught someone running from one room to another out of the corner of my eye. Scared the crap out of me. I have a light problem too. I turn off the light and go to sleep. I wake up and it’s on again. And my eyeglasses are either on my bed with me or back on my face. I always take them off when I turn off the light. It’s very strange. One other thing that happened is pretty creepy. I was in my office writing once. And there is a television nearby. I looked at the television and I could see a reflection of myself, right? No big deal. Then I glanced at it again and to the left side of that reflection was a white figure sitting there nearby and it’s head had turned. Oh my God! Scary. I was a little creeped out after that. So, yeah, a lot of stuff happening. To top it off, my fiance swears he smells Old Spice cologne sometimes and no one in my house wears that. Anyway, just thought I’d share.


    • Marie, it would be great to live in an 1890’s house. You can keep the ghosts, though. I’ve had the lights in my bedroom turn on too, only not here. You were only a little creeped out after seeing the white figure. I don’t know if I could take it, then it turned its head. No, no, no. I’ve had some spooky things happen, but never a reflection of someone who shouldn’t be there. I’m already spooked. I have a night light now. It’s a weird thought, something putting your glasses back on you face.


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