21 People Describe Their Encounters With The Paranormal And The Stories Will Give You Nightmares

Thought Catalog

Ah, I really love and hate creepy stories. I love reading them, but afterwards, I’m so freaked out, all I can manage to do is move my finger to scroll down. Any sudden movements in my peripheral will give me a heart attack. Welcome to creepy land. You want more creepy stuff? Check this Reddit thread out here.


1. A Norwegian insane asylum

When I was a student, the campus was located on what had only 20 years before been an old asylum for the insane. Like, batshit crazy people. They did lobotomies there and what not. Most of the buildings had been refurbished into “normal” school buildings with lecture halls, study group rooms et cetera. Seemed pretty normal, except the small study group rooms that only had one window, that was 1 square feet, 15 feet up on the wall, with bars in front of it. Yeah…

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