Save Nina @Kindle Scout!

Save Nina Cover Kindle Scout

Hello everyone,

My latest book Save Nina launched over at Kindle Scout! This is my first time submitting my hard work to KS, and I am excited for the chance to be published with Kindle Press. Haven’t heard about Kindle Scout by Amazon? No worries, click here take a look at my entry, and read other books submitted by authors just like you and me, hoping to get enough votes. For authors, you can submit a new, never before published novel of 50,000 words or more for a period of 45 days. Should your book be selected for publication you’ll received a $1500.00 advance and 50% royalties. Guess who does the marketing? Amazon, and you are free to post a portion of your book elsewhere, like here on WordPress to help with your book promotion.

About Save Nina:

Wesley Sullivan is determined to save his hometown from a vicious gang who’s violent agenda threatens to turn his world into a bloody, thug controlled environment. He’s about to meet Nina Hernandez, whose journey from El Salvador to Virginia came with a grueling price, a life long agreement between her protective brother and the gang. Through chaos, betrayal and death, Wesley learns life changing lessons as he’s driven to Save Nina.

The end had me in tears, and I’m the author! Anyway, please give Save Nina a read and vote for publication.



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