5 Tips for Finishing a Writing Project

Writing Is Hard Work

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How many writing projects have you started, but have not finished?

This is an excellent question, but the answer for a writer should be a very small number.  Successful writers finish what they start, even if it takes years to get there.

Elizabeth Bishop worked on her poem “The Moose” for a record 20 years.  She began the poem by writing a few lines, using a push-pin to tack them up on the door to her kitchen, and then would pop by to write some more days later.  20 years later she had a fantastic poem that is probably one of the greatest poems written about the journey of life in American history.

I have 5 practical methods for finishing a writing project.  Here they are:

  1. Set Reasonable Goals – If you read this blog often, you know that I don’t do much without a plan.  As an indie writer/publisher…

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