The Protector

When I first started reading Book One of the Outerworld Key, The Protector, by Mark Matthews I fell for the bond between father and son, the king and prince. Looking out of a window from the castle the young prince says, “Good morning, your Majesty.” The king replied, “Stop it, boy.” I knew from this line there was a promise of meaningful bonds ahead. The pace of the journey is perfect for this enchanting tale. The author held me in suspense, the characters were well developed, each with their own quirks and personalities that made the story all that more entertaining. I look forward to book two.

When His Dreams Take Flight

Author Andy Holloman released, When His Dreams Take Flight just yesterday. I received the news via email from Goodreads. Glad I did. I read the first pages on Amazon. Nick, the high school principle wakes up with a headache and a premonition, there’s about to be a school shooting. I’m at the edge of my seat hoping he can stop it somehow. He calls the school, warns them, but it’s too late. I’m wondering what events led up to the shooting. Chapter two begins six months prior the shooting with the Laskin kid in another fight. The school principle punches the Laskin kid in the face! Yes, yes there will be an investigation, jeez.