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The Adisons have been running from a sect of iniquitous beings from Nemele who covet Jacey. Her parents have repressed their adversaries’ relentless tracking efforts by not utilizing their own mystical powers. They have chosen to conceal themselves within the only realm they knew they’d be able to survive. They are living under their self-imposed powerless sanctions on Earth, which constitutes the nineteenth nation of Nemele.

Today’s Author Hally Willmott was born in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. She is a Police Officer with the Greater Sudbury Police Service. She enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction novels, spending long summer nights by the camp fire with her husband Jerry and their sons Jacob and Jordan or cold winter nights snuggled up watching movies in their home.

Hally Willmott

She holds a strong belief in – If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything! Persistence has paid off for Hally as…

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“Destiny’s Decision”

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement group's Blog

Lisa Glenn participated in the International MARSocial’s Author of the Year Competition, winning a “Runner up” position for 2014
with her entry Destiny’s Decision. She is a full time college student, born in Milecity, Montana and currently living in Florida where she is working on her sequel. She is the Mother of four and a Grandmother of 2.

Lisa’s Amazon Author’s Page-

“Destiny’s Decision”

Destiny is a single mother working as a stripper at a local hot spot in a small beach side town. She is wanting a better life for her teenage daughter. When she wins 7 million dollars in the Florida lottery, she believes her luck is about to change for the better. How wrong she is! Getting kidnapped by a drug induced crazy, getting rescued by a sexy F.B.I. agent and fighting for her life in a category 4 hurricane is just the beginning of adventures…

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Eerie Happenings

It’s something ignored. Brushed off as your imagination as you continue on your way. You saw it, you felt and heard it. Your heart raced, for a moment, as you quickly escaped… them. Perhaps the fear of the unknown, or the mere thought of connecting with the afterlife numbs you. The eerie feeling that you are not alone haunts your dreams, or maybe not, maybe you escape there too. Not for long. You’ll try and spend your entire life running from the them. But know this, you will meet them on the other side, one day. It’s a matter of when. The next time you see, feel or hear them, accept them. Until you do, the answer to the question of whether ghosts exist is unknown, not untrue. Somewhere on the other side of your fear, buried as deep as your ignorance of the apparitions who cross your path, it awaits you.


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I have teamed up with Story Cartel, the host site of my book giveaway. That’s right, The Genealogist’s Guest just launched. The giveaway last for only 20 days. Grab your copy here Read the book and post an honest review on Amazon to be entered in a drawing for a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Learn about Story Cartel here then click over to the front page and view all the books here . Happy reading!

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Book Giveaway

I have teamed up with Story Cartel, the host site of my book giveaway. That’s right, The Genealogist’s Guest just launched. The giveaway last for only 20 days. Grab your copy here Read the book and post an honest review on Amazon to be entered in a drawing for a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Learn about Story Cartel here then click over to the front page and view all the books here . Happy reading!

A Different Kind of Competition

Where have I been? Ha! Over at Marsocial’s Author of the Year Competition where I am honored as a runner up with my book excerpt from The Genealogist’s Guests! It was a one of a kind competition where authors promoted their competitors while aiming for the win. The twenty nine runner ups and winner Karynne Summars for her book excerpt Desperate Pursuit in Venice spent weeks promoting each other through social media. We posted to FB, Tweeted like crazy, and sent out press releases. We followed each other on Twitter, Facebook, and on blogs and websites. The goal was to gain as much exposure possible for each participant and we were very much successful. The winner, Karynne, may have her book made into a film by KeeranVaani Creations International Film Producers:

See the Video created by Film Producer Karynne Summars:

How cool is that!

Congrats to runner ups:

Laura Crean – The Realm of the Purple Dragon
Hally Willmott – Awakenings
Lilian Roberts – Immortal Awakenings
Anne Ferretti – The Harvest
S.C. Ryne – The Reporter and the Girl
Beck Robertson – Dead Blonde
M J Porter – Ealdorman
Marie Lavender – Upon Your Return
Lisa Glenn – Destiny’s Decision
Lisa Jones – The Prophecy
Janie Storer – Babylon Rise of the New Age
Regina Puckett – Concealed in My Heart
Jane Dougherty – The Dark Citadel
Annie Edmonds – Second Chances, Sammy’s Story
Ed Gellock – Life as a Rock n Roll Dog
LaRae Parry – The Danish Pastry
Coleman Weeks – The End of Humanity
Anne Devina Reeve – With Devil Dwells
D. J. Ridgway – The Tessellation
Sarka Jonae Miller – Between Boyfriends
Geri G. Taylor – The Kitchen Dance
James McAllister – The Best Laid Plans
Douglas A. Bolton – Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World
Jar Berce – Leadership by Virtue
Jonathan Genoets – Xhazul’s Box, The Rainbow Sphere
Victor Wright – Light of Darkness
A J Raven – Arousing the Legacy

You are all hard working authors!

Thank you Cap’n Joe @FreeLanceJoe and Marsocial’s Ephraim Competition Creator for this exciting adventure!

Time Fall

Add Time Fall by Timothy Ashby to your must read list! A perfectly written, great storytelling piece. I post here about first pages that keep me reading and Ashby’s Time Fall swept me away. Just published December 12, 2013. I have a feeling this one will rise on the charts.

The Book Thief

This one is easily one of the most fascinating beginnings of a book I’ve read. Just start reading and you will fall into the same spell I did when reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Soon to be a major motion picture. I was intrigued by this person, this soul snatcher’s obsession of a little girl, the book thief, and how compelling and heartbreaking her journey was on that train when her brother died. A well deserving spot as number one on Amazon.

The Protector

When I first started reading Book One of the Outerworld Key, The Protector, by Mark Matthews I fell for the bond between father and son, the king and prince. Looking out of a window from the castle the young prince says, “Good morning, your Majesty.” The king replied, “Stop it, boy.” I knew from this line there was a promise of meaningful bonds ahead. The pace of the journey is perfect for this enchanting tale. The author held me in suspense, the characters were well developed, each with their own quirks and personalities that made the story all that more entertaining. I look forward to book two.

Empty Mansions

The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune. A mystery indeed. Paul Clark Jr. Newell, Huguette’s nephew, and Bill Dedman, the authors, wrote a fascinating story about Huguette. Bill, having stumbled upon one of Huguette’s mansions in Connecticut, describes his curiosity about a woman owning a mansion that she had not lived in for twenty years, or more, and how he came to meet Paul Clark Jr., to learn more of this mysterious American tale of wealth and loss. Huguette is described as a very private heiress by her nephew Paul Clark, who, as written in these first pages couldn’t get her phone number, but had many, “personal,” conversation with Huguette during her elderly years. When reading these first pages my own curiosity rose, who was this woman? How had her life been?

Cold Rage

Jacob Quarterman’s, Cold Rage opened with an aging first sergeant Frank Gaver pausing to take a drink of cool water, the landscape crunched under his steps, snow already on the ground, and the smell of more to come. He was on a mission. His father James Gaver was the only family he had ever known and what intrigued me while reading these first pages was the relationship between Frank and his father. They had only spoken to each other with grunts or gestures, or with their fist. When Frank joined the Army his father sent him off with a firm handshake and a nod, and that was the last time Frank saw his father. While serving in Afghanistan Frank learns of his father’s death and that night he cried into his hands until morning, then went back to fighting. I’m hooked. I like Frank. Frank meets Allison who eases the fight in him. She gives birth to his daughter Julie and dies on the same day, Frank’s birthday. Frank runs back to the fight and for years he avoided Julie. She’s old enough to join the Army and Frank realizes the storm had found her in Goslin, Alaska. Thirty hours later he was there and encounter the first beast of a man. I love it!

Born Lucky

Born Lucky by Chris Dougherty begins with teenagers Gator and Mindy who drive out in the middle of nobody’s ever going to hear you scream. They’re never seen again. What was that thing in the woods that got them? Haven’t a clue but in chapter one their parents go out searching for them. The truck was found but no kids. By chapter three Joshua David is introduced. Joshua lives in a mental hospital. He’s the lucky one. Then there’s Dex Hammond, the reporter who found three days old Joshua in his baby seat one hundred yards from what was his home and his parents. I say ‘what was’ because the house blew up with the parents inside. The blast threw Joshua clean out of harm’s way. The lucky one. Joshua s all grown up now, so why is the reporter still hanging around?

Dark Days (Apocalypse Z)

Virulent strains of viruses slept in a Russian Army Base, no one, not even intelligence knew of it, until it was too late. A group of jihadists took over the base in hopes to sell chemical, or conventional weapons on the black market. When they attacked they didn’t know they were about to release biological weapons that would result in an apocalypse. They probably never knew as they were the first to become the undead. These first pages by author Manel Loureiro keeps you reading:

The Unseen

A new hot release by JL Bryan, The Unseen, begins with four teenage girls looking for something to do, so they created a homemade OUIJA Board, “Cassidy would remember the night of the party as her first encounter with the unseen world,” the first line read. Sure enough bad things happen. When you open that portal to the spirits don’t expect them to be friendly. And so this spirit board spells D.I.E., over and over again, and it’s after Cassidy. A perfect first chapter of how the naïve encounters the unseen.


With a first line like, “My mother claimed that in any mirror I used she could see my face rather than her own, my face, and my singular eyes, and she could not thereafter have the mirror in the house,” how could I stop reading? Addison’s mother couldn’t tolerate the way he looked, even sent him out of the house for a day or two when she couldn’t bare his presence. And he was eight years old during one of the “banning from the house,” times when he saw a stranger in the woods, the first human he has ever seen other than his mother. I’m still trying to figure out what this child must look like going into chapter two. Wilderness, by Dean Koontz. Another what in the world is going on here.

Deceptive Cadence

The words of the first line set the mood for Kathryn Guare’s new release, Deceptive Cadence: The Virtuosic Spy. “She’s come for me.” In the prologue, a man was near the other side, ready to die. He needed to tell someone. They were bringing him back, but he didn’t want them to. Mystery surrounds this guy. Who he is? What led up to this moment? Then there’s this card with Frank Murdoch’s name on it. Frank won’t be happy they found the card, the dying man thought.

Night Chill

What a chilling well-written first chapter. A man in his thirties searches for a hardware store in the backwoods of a small Pennsylvania town. He’s not an ordinary man. He finds the store closed. Inside a young teenage girl tells him to come back the next day. But this stranger charms her, reads her thoughts, and gets inside the store with her. “And they were always eager to prove they were women by following him to whatever bed, car seat, or back alley he chose.” Night Chill by Jeff Gunhus.

When His Dreams Take Flight

Author Andy Holloman released, When His Dreams Take Flight just yesterday. I received the news via email from Goodreads. Glad I did. I read the first pages on Amazon. Nick, the high school principle wakes up with a headache and a premonition, there’s about to be a school shooting. I’m at the edge of my seat hoping he can stop it somehow. He calls the school, warns them, but it’s too late. I’m wondering what events led up to the shooting. Chapter two begins six months prior the shooting with the Laskin kid in another fight. The school principle punches the Laskin kid in the face! Yes, yes there will be an investigation, jeez.


This blog page is about first pages where I share the books that keep me reading. I was about to move on to another task when I found this one. Harrowgate by Kate Maruyama. I love ghost stories. So, Michael’s heading home. He hadn’t heard from his wife who is pregnant. He fears something’s gone wrong. Why doesn’t she answer the phone? Did she deliver too soon? Were there complications? As he’s rushing home to his wife Sara, she’s finding it difficult to bond with her new infant. The infant had dark blue eyes, “the only human thing in his squished up still-fetal face.” Ok, What?

Darkness & Shadows

Received this one through my Inbox from Amazon.

“It always begins and ends the same.” The first sentence in the prologue of Darkness & Shadows, by Andrew E Kaufman. I love great first sentences. This one makes me curious. So, what begins and ends the same? I read on to find out. There’s a fire and a woman trapped on the other side. He can’t get to her.

“Baby,” she begs “don’t you love me,” she said.”

Ok, something’s odd. Who would say such a crazy thing when they’re on fire, burning to death. Sounds manipulative. I read on and find it’s a dream. In chapter one Patrick is speaking with a therapist about his dreams, he’s not sleeping well, and he’s writing what he calls, “lists.” Overwhelming guilt, I consider. But there’s something eerie going on.

A Dark Mind

The first pages of The Dark Mind, by T.R. Ragan began with a man’s love for his future wife. They walk together heading for his car after a night out. He wants to elope, she laughs at the idea, but no worry he’d probably wait forever. As they walk toward his car they notice the strangers. She wanted to go the other way, call a cab. He thought it was silly. Then he realizes his backpack in the back seat was missing, and the car wouldn’t start. “I asked you how it was going,” one of the strangers said. Broken glass everywhere, chaos.

Oh shit, I think they should have called a cab.

A Lifetime to Wait

In this fast paced first chapter Brooke has some serious bad guys after her when a mystery man, who calls himself a protector, appears out of nowhere and rescues her from imminent danger. Problem? Sure, she doesn’t really know if he’s one of the bad guys, and he’s vague, gorgeous blue eyed vague. By the end of the first chapter Brooke manages to escape and the protector vows to make her pay. Author Jackie Mae certainly holds readers in suspense, wondering who is the protector? How did he know Brooke was in trouble? Know her name?

The Pumpkin Man

Ah, just can’t get through Halloween without reading the creepy. Author John Everson’s prologue and first pages in the Pumpkin Man delivers. First, whatever possessed Meredith in the prologue to summon her dead spouse to her is just plain creepy, and she got what she asked for, he or something return from the dead. I’ll move on, what a well written, captivating first chapter. Jennica Murphy was given the keys, nine in all, concealed in a leather key holder, to her father’s apartment to begin the process of sorting, collecting his personal items. He died a week earlier, well actually he was murdered. Everson delivers a wonderful introduction to the story with Jennica arriving at her father’s apartment and as a reader I felt the dread of her task of gathering his things. What about those nine keys though? She only used one to get in the front door. And why was there a piece of pumpkin at the scene?

Secrets to Die For

L. J. Sellers’s first pages in Secrets to Die For (A Detective Jackson Mystery) pulled me right into the world of a child support advocate’s dangerous dealing with a drug addict. I started reading the first page and before I realized it I was on the next chapter. The advocate Raina was assigned to Josh, an eight-year old who had been in state custody. His parents had a double wide where Raina went to check up on Josh but the father, Bruce, refused to let her see Josh, and threatened he would kill her if she reported anything. Raina manages to get to her car and speed away only to get a flat tire, her attacker yanks her out of her car, she’s in grave trouble! Then I read the title again, Secrets to Die For.

Cast in Stone

“There were two Tony Moldonados.” One was a lovable fat guy and the other had disgusting bad habits. Interesting, what bad habits? This Tony number two takes off once a year leaving his wife behind, and checks into a sleazy motel (Author G.M. Ford does a great job describing that awful place), and takes the company of young girls. The wife hires a detective (?) to watch over her husband every year. The task of making sure Tony stays safe. I’m a paranormal kind of girl but this first page caught my attention. Go ahead read a little.

Doctor Sleep


I lost my first post about Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep. It happens. So here’s my first page impression, again. I once visited The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and what a beautiful haunted place. It felt eerie to me. Anyway this is the hotel Stephen King got his inspiration from when he wrote The Shining. In Doctor Sleep the first sentence, “On the second day of December when a peanut farmer was conducting business in the White House, one of Colorado’s great resort hotels burned to the ground,” I thought, wow, what a great way to start. I immediately thought of The Stanley and then The Overlook Hotel. The words that follow is a great recap of the first book, for those who aren’t familiar with The Shining, King’s first page/chapter in Doctor Sleep will get you up to speed. Authors who write series may want to examine how King not only introduces a new story for new readers, as if there’s anyone who doesn’t read King out there, just saying, but he continues the story as if The Shining was written yesterday. I can’t wait to get to the creepy. I know it’s coming.

Red Hill

I usually skip prologues. I know it’s bad. But I like to get to the story. Red Hill by Jamie McGuire may have put an end to my skipping the prologue. The first sentence, “THE WARNING WAS SHORT-SAID almost in passing,” made me wonder, what’s the warning. You know that feeling when someone says something but it doesn’t quite register? The rest of the page just keeps getting better. A woman hears a message over the radio about cadavers being herded and destroyed as she’s dropping her children off at school. The message doesn’t disrupt her routine though, it’s a joke, right? I kept reading and sure enough the undead had arrived, but the children were dropped off at school! It was the last time she saw her girls.