What if: My Words Were Well Known


A kind poet, just described me, as a renowned author on Twitter. On Amazon, my book The Genealogist’s Guests is at #114,818 Paid in the Kindle Store. It is #41 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Suspense > Paranormal > Psychics
There is a handy link on the same page (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store). I am a somewhat unknown author, at least in the big scheme of indie publishing. What does the #114,818 position mean in sales? For me it is average 13 sold books a month. Sounds meek, though believe me it is amazing. But I am hardly a renowned author. For a brief second there, after reading the kind tweet, I felt odd, I mean what if my words were well known?

My story is a paranormal mystery. It has an underlying message, if you’re abused, tell it. Sounds simple, yet telling someone, anyone that you were a victim of abuse can be the hardest thing to share. There are many reasons why a victim of abuse keeps silent. Humiliation, embarrassment, fear of retaliation, to name a few. If getting the message through to victims were as easy as just saying, report it, I would have written a nonfiction book.

Instead, I wove the message into this paranormal fiction about a family who discovers they’ve been cursed with silence, and as a consequence suffer abuse over and over again, and across generations. Their weapon? The truth. In a single tear drop that burst into millions more, scenes of the truth appeared before the victims. The silence was broken, and the predators were weakened. My paranormal mystery, family, fights to destroy the demons of their past. It must have been a deep concern for me, because writing it just happened. In books two and three they become paranormal investigators who help others fight their evil spirits.

What if my words were well known? What if authors could build a culture of zero tolerance by writing inspiring fiction that helps change the way we think and react to abuse? I pose a question: What’s your underlying theme or message in your fiction novel?

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