Inspiration hides in the most unlikely places

I quote, “The genre picked me.”

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I wish I had a nickel for everyone that said, “You can’t write in two opposing genres.  You have to pick one and stick to it.  You won’t sell any books if you are bi-polar in your writings, and ‘Christian paranormal’ is an oxymoron.”

Actually, I find those observations quite amusing.  First of all, I didn’t pick any genre.  The stories come to me and I write them down.  The genre picked me.

I write from extremely opposing ends of the spectrum.  For instance, the book I am writing now, “Threads of Reality:  Lexie’s Journey, Book II,” centers on a middle-aged couple who investigate an old, dilapidated house.  Unfortunately, this turns out to be a portal to hell.  This is the dark side of the paranormal, but it is tempered with the light side of the paranormal when angels step in to battle the evil forces.  Just like us…

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