“With Devils Dwell” by Anne Devina Reeve

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Anne is one of our groups leaders and helps many of us with creating better plots and portraying our stories through action, and definition of characters and settings. This is why she is our designated quality control officer, if she sees a facet that can be improved she will naturally try to help.

http://www.amazon.com/WITH-DEVILS-DWELL-Devina-Reeve/dp/1492994456 http://www.amazon.com/WITH-DEVILS-DWELL-Devina-Reeve/dp/1492994456

When Alyce Wilson suffers a blow to her head with Doctor Owen Rathlin’s hansom cab in London she is taken inside the house to recover. Unable to remember anything. Owen decides to ‘christen’ her Rhoda Lambay. ‘Lambay Street so you won’t forget where I live’ With his departure Rhoda becomes aware of something sinister in the house. Her decision to leave early next morning puts her life in danger. She has been caught like a fish in a net of terror and fear. Not knowing her past produces a dread of the future. Her only friend…

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