Why Write Paranormal Mystery

I can’t give myself credit for writing every available genre. I tried a crime novel and after completing the book I decided it was too closely related to my day job at the jail. Writing it didn’t allow me to escape as a writer. It was something I felt I had to do if I wanted fans to escape when reading my books. When I decided to write a paranormal mystery I didn’t consider whether this particular genre had a large fan base. I didn’t actually know it was going to be a paranormal mystery either. The decision was more of an awe moment. I could write a book about a woman genealogist’s who is visited by her ancestors. A paranormal. My imagination started going crazy. I saw a family tree that soon became a portal to the afterlife. I shared my thoughts and asked, “Should I create a heartwarming story or a horror tale?” Needless to say I received approvals for both. One thing that’s certain, readers have preferences. With that, I had to ask, how much creativeness would I lose by writing for a specific reader(s). If I mold my imagination into what specific readers want, would I lose myself, would I in fact cheat readers by not sharing a true, albeit, eerie, strange, and intense side of me that raises my heart rate, currently at 67. Yet, raises a notch when a slick black substance covers the form of a body, a female body, trapped by dead roots of a tree. The thick, slimy, rancid smelling muck oozes between the dead limbs, alive and wicked. The darkness of the chamber of evil alone can raise my own heart rate, and then the face of the woman who lay trapped is revealed. There you go, my heart rate is 68. It will likely rise higher when I hit the publish button for this post. Why? Because I’m sharing me. Scary as hell I must add. Isn’t this the beauty of self publishing? I escape the mold and share what gets my blood flowing. Even if it is way out there. So why paranormal mystery? Truth be told, when I started writing, I didn’t know what genre I was writing. Shoot, even when I finished the book I had to figure that one out. I had the paranormal, but this one certainly didn’t fit the romance side. And though it has some intense scenes I didn’t consider it to be a horror either. When reading reviews of the book, suspense and thriller pops up. But the story is as much a mystery. Why write a paranormal mystery? It happened. I had no clue where the story was going, no outline, no real conclusion in mind. Only my deepest thoughts, for which I am honored and anxious to share with you.

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