A new review of The Genealogist’s Guests on Amazon was a surprise. As an author who doesn’t have a large fan base, at least not yet, but I am determined to write stories for readers who love paranormal mysteries, and give them something unique. Every new review gives me insight on my story and whether it is fresh enough to attract readers. I have a friend, a poetry writer, who read my story and told me to stay away from the LSD. He said it was a dark story. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face as he said it, but don’t worry, I don’t use LSD. I don’t need it to dream up the weird stuff, and besides, I need to return to this realm, at will, when things get overwhelming in the afterlife. So, back to the review, here it is by Rohi Shetty:

Ann Simpson grabs your attention in the first chapter and it stays grabbed until
you reach the end.

Reading her book reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s
tongue-in-cheek remark, “The suspense is unbearable. I hope it

Ann ensures that it does last. Using a family tree as a plot
device is quite original.

Here are my favorite lines in the first

“Blood splattered through his fingers and across the television
screen. He left her slouched body twitching as she bled out and never returned.
He spent several years in a juvenile detention center for killing his parents.
When he turned eighteen he was released, his record sealed.
Liz, he decided
will be his next victim… of many. He had watched her for weeks after following
her back from Norwich one Saturday. She was as she usually is, alone and
vulnerable. “

Read this book but only if you have a strong heart.

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