“How do we feed the World’s Starving?” by Coleman Weeks

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The Excerpt:

How do we feed the world’s starving?

Can you imagine the lifetime experiences spent feeding the starving, bringing the needy word of the Lord, Living in far lands. Different customs, landscapes, and societies. Helping people during the natural disasters we all hear about, they are there. They make a difference, they care, and they are loved by those they help. Maybe like the events I share below.

Missionaries: the foot soldiers in the trenches

On the island distant monsoon winds stir the night’s moon swept clouds. Harbingers, the silvery mist opaque the late evening sky and hint at coming squalls. The balmy breeze irritated his eyes and blew his hair back, but Pablo considered the coming blow. Annually his life is rocked by the cycle of summer and its vicious floods and wind.

Standing in the wind, oblivious to the weather, he let the night wrap him…

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