Eerie Happenings

It’s something ignored. Brushed off as your imagination as you continue on your way. You saw it, you felt and heard it. Your heart raced, for a moment, as you quickly escaped… them. Perhaps the fear of the unknown, or the mere thought of connecting with the afterlife numbs you. The eerie feeling that you are not alone haunts your dreams, or maybe not, maybe you escape there too. Not for long. You’ll try and spend your entire life running from the them. But know this, you will meet them on the other side, one day. It’s a matter of when. The next time you see, feel or hear them, accept them. Until you do, the answer to the question of whether ghosts exist is unknown, not untrue. Somewhere on the other side of your fear, buried as deep as your ignorance of the apparitions who cross your path, it awaits you.


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