A Different Kind of Competition

Where have I been? Ha! Over at Marsocial’s Author of the Year Competition where I am honored as a runner up with my book excerpt from The Genealogist’s Guests! It was a one of a kind competition where authors promoted their competitors while aiming for the win. The twenty nine runner ups and winner Karynne Summars for her book excerpt Desperate Pursuit in Venice spent weeks promoting each other through social media. We posted to FB, Tweeted like crazy, and sent out press releases. We followed each other on Twitter, Facebook, and on blogs and websites. The goal was to gain as much exposure possible for each participant and we were very much successful. The winner, Karynne, may have her book made into a film by KeeranVaani Creations International Film Producers: http://marsocial.com/2013/11/disturbed-feature-film/

See the Video created by Film Producer Karynne Summars: http://youtu.be/8kXvW7YXZpk

How cool is that!

Congrats to runner ups:

Laura Crean – The Realm of the Purple Dragon
Hally Willmott – Awakenings
Lilian Roberts – Immortal Awakenings
Anne Ferretti – The Harvest
S.C. Ryne – The Reporter and the Girl
Beck Robertson – Dead Blonde
M J Porter – Ealdorman
Marie Lavender – Upon Your Return
Lisa Glenn – Destiny’s Decision
Lisa Jones – The Prophecy
Janie Storer – Babylon Rise of the New Age
Regina Puckett – Concealed in My Heart
Jane Dougherty – The Dark Citadel
Annie Edmonds – Second Chances, Sammy’s Story
Ed Gellock – Life as a Rock n Roll Dog
LaRae Parry – The Danish Pastry
Coleman Weeks – The End of Humanity
Anne Devina Reeve – With Devil Dwells
D. J. Ridgway – The Tessellation
Sarka Jonae Miller – Between Boyfriends
Geri G. Taylor – The Kitchen Dance
James McAllister – The Best Laid Plans
Douglas A. Bolton – Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World
Jar Berce – Leadership by Virtue
Jonathan Genoets – Xhazul’s Box, The Rainbow Sphere
Victor Wright – Light of Darkness
A J Raven – Arousing the Legacy

You are all hard working authors!

Thank you Cap’n Joe @FreeLanceJoe and Marsocial’s Ephraim Competition Creator for this exciting adventure!


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