Empty Mansions

The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune. A mystery indeed. Paul Clark Jr. Newell, Huguette’s nephew, and Bill Dedman, the authors, wrote a fascinating story about Huguette. Bill, having stumbled upon one of Huguette’s mansions in Connecticut, describes his curiosity about a woman owning a mansion that she had not lived in for twenty years, or more, and how he came to meet Paul Clark Jr., to learn more of this mysterious American tale of wealth and loss. Huguette is described as a very private heiress by her nephew Paul Clark, who, as written in these first pages couldn’t get her phone number, but had many, “personal,” conversation with Huguette during her elderly years. When reading these first pages my own curiosity rose, who was this woman? How had her life been?

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