Cold Rage

Jacob Quarterman’s, Cold Rage opened with an aging first sergeant Frank Gaver pausing to take a drink of cool water, the landscape crunched under his steps, snow already on the ground, and the smell of more to come. He was on a mission. His father James Gaver was the only family he had ever known and what intrigued me while reading these first pages was the relationship between Frank and his father. They had only spoken to each other with grunts or gestures, or with their fist. When Frank joined the Army his father sent him off with a firm handshake and a nod, and that was the last time Frank saw his father. While serving in Afghanistan Frank learns of his father’s death and that night he cried into his hands until morning, then went back to fighting. I’m hooked. I like Frank. Frank meets Allison who eases the fight in him. She gives birth to his daughter Julie and dies on the same day, Frank’s birthday. Frank runs back to the fight and for years he avoided Julie. She’s old enough to join the Army and Frank realizes the storm had found her in Goslin, Alaska. Thirty hours later he was there and encounter the first beast of a man. I love it!

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