Darkness & Shadows

Received this one through my Inbox from Amazon.

“It always begins and ends the same.” The first sentence in the prologue of Darkness & Shadows, by Andrew E Kaufman. I love great first sentences. This one makes me curious. So, what begins and ends the same? I read on to find out. There’s a fire and a woman trapped on the other side. He can’t get to her.

“Baby,” she begs “don’t you love me,” she said.”

Ok, something’s odd. Who would say such a crazy thing when they’re on fire, burning to death. Sounds manipulative. I read on and find it’s a dream. In chapter one Patrick is speaking with a therapist about his dreams, he’s not sleeping well, and he’s writing what he calls, “lists.” Overwhelming guilt, I consider. But there’s something eerie going on.

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