The Pumpkin Man

Ah, just can’t get through Halloween without reading the creepy. Author John Everson’s prologue and first pages in the Pumpkin Man delivers. First, whatever possessed Meredith in the prologue to summon her dead spouse to her is just plain creepy, and she got what she asked for, he or something return from the dead. I’ll move on, what a well written, captivating first chapter. Jennica Murphy was given the keys, nine in all, concealed in a leather key holder, to her father’s apartment to begin the process of sorting, collecting his personal items. He died a week earlier, well actually he was murdered. Everson delivers a wonderful introduction to the story with Jennica arriving at her father’s apartment and as a reader I felt the dread of her task of gathering his things. What about those nine keys though? She only used one to get in the front door. And why was there a piece of pumpkin at the scene?

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