Doctor Sleep

I lost my first post about Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep. It happens. So here’s my first page impression, again. I once visited The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and what a beautiful haunted place. It felt eerie to me. Anyway this is the hotel Stephen King got his inspiration from when he wrote The Shining. In Doctor Sleep the first sentence, “On the second day of December when a peanut farmer was conducting business in the White House, one of Colorado’s great resort hotels burned to the ground,” I thought, wow, what a great way to start. I immediately thought of The Stanley and then The Overlook Hotel. The words that follow is a great recap of the first book, for those who aren’t familiar with The Shining, King’s first page/chapter in Doctor Sleep will get you up to speed. Authors who write series may want to examine how King not only introduces a new story for new readers, as if there’s anyone who doesn’t read King out there, just saying, but he continues the story as if The Shining was written yesterday. I can’t wait to get to the creepy. I know it’s coming.

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